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Well now the Chrysler grand Voyager looks a little bit different it’s a very big machine and yet personable to drive and inside it’s a very comfortable cabin versatile seating arrangements as well and plenty of space a so witty carrying passengers all luggage you can do it in comfort not this call comes from… Read More

NPI am job for you to show auto resto modding we’re here with Mikey from the Detroit springs to talk to little bit about. Harsh ride okay might put the car together got everything rolling down the road in it rides like a book border got brainy springs and brand new shocks what’s going on.… Read More

The new suspension system produces electricity due to the redistribution of energy from the wheels vibrations. This suspension system was called «eROT» (electromechanical rotary dampers – “electromechanical rotary shock absorbers”). The new suspension vertical shock absorbers are replaced on dampers with the generator and gearbox and corolla headlight bulb, and during driving on rough roads,… Read More

Car springs is one of the most popular and long-known types of elastic elements in the freight rolling stock. Spring is designed for load transfer to the frame and chassis, which comes from the bumps and irregularities of the roadway. In the truck spring group design elastic element plays a very important role, because the… Read More

There are 4 groups of auto parts: Original parts. For a large car plant, which is, in fact, only the installer of cars, the independent production of components, as a rule, does not make much sense. And so the development of a new model car factory orders details on the side. Parts of the plant… Read More

A key condition of the right work and prevention of premature wear of internal combustion engine is the continuous lubrication of the moving parts with the oil of certain purity. The oil filter always cleans the oil, capturing abrasive particles resulting from the normal wear, and also dust and combustion products. The oil filters can… Read More

How to chose the right child safety seat. Let’s see why we need the child safety seats and how to choose them. According to the road rules of Russia, it should be used from the child’s birth up to the age of 12. But first of all, the child safety seat provides safety and security… Read More

Japanese auto spares Japan is a recognized leader in the technical and technological sphere. Since the middle of XX century, the country is actively developing advanced technologies ( “Japanese economic miracle”), which allows it to take first place in a number of areas, including the automotive industry. Automobiles and auto parts Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Honda,… Read More