The new suspension system produces electricity due to the redistribution of energy from the wheels vibrations.

AUDI  suspensionThis suspension system was called «eROT» (electromechanical rotary dampers – “electromechanical rotary shock absorbers”). The new suspension vertical shock absorbers are replaced on dampers with the generator and gearbox and corolla headlight bulb, and during driving on rough roads, the oscillation of the wheels is converted into electricity, which is stored in a special accumulator. As a result of this system during driving on a level road it is generated from the 3 W, to 613 watts during off-road driving, and about 100-150 watts driving on normal road. The stored energy can be spent for different purposes, whether it is makeup lighting and on-board electronics or motor rotation, if such suspension is mounted on a hybrid vehicle.

The main advantages of this suspension are efficiency, increase comfort and friendliness to the environment. Suspension eROT on average reduces carbon dioxide emissions of 3 grams per kilometer.