How to chose the right child safety seat.

Let’s see why we need the child safety seats and how to choose them. According to the road rules of Russia, it should be used from the child’s birth up to the age of 12.

child safety seat

But first of all, the child safety seat provides safety and security at the time of driving. There are different groups of child safety seats depending on the weight and age of your child.

If you take a newborn baby on a trip, you need the youngest group (0+) intended for the children weight from 0 to 13 kg (approximately to 1 year or a little bit older).

groups (1) – for the older children, whose age is from 9 months to 3-4 years, and the weight is from 9 to 18 kg. The seat is installed during driving.

Group 2-3 – for the grown children, i.e. those aged from 4 to 12 and weighing from 15 to 36 kg,

The seat is installed during driving, and the child fastens the car safety belt. The seat also has an adjustable head restraint.