NPI am job for you to show auto resto modding we’re here with Mikey from the Detroit springs to talk to little bit about. Harsh ride okay might put the car together got everything rolling down the road in it rides like a book border got brainy springs and brand new shocks what’s going on. But type shot you put on a Jeff.
Hydraulic shocks
I think put some gas shocks on the courts probably the reason why. Really older cars were not designed for gash on. Hydraulic shocks is what does car used what’s the difference between a gash shock and hydraulic shock. We’ve all had gas shocks we picked up gash socked me go to pushing together like this and they just don’t wanna go and when we finally let it go it extends all the way back out by itself yeah I’ve had gas shocks me getting out of the box it actually got wire holder way to. Together so. The box can. Short right well actually so you can install it to when you go to hook it in you got to be real quick when you cut that lawyer to catch it into the hole exact will interact with.

Hydraulic shock on the other hand there’s no gas is not gas charged to the oil flows in between the upper and lower part of the ride all by itself through a little valve and you can open and close it. By your hand just like that. A strike of spectrum is measured by rate rate is the amount of weight it takes to deflect the spring one inch a 65 Mustang for the sake of discussion. Normal spring writes about 110 pounds. You take a gash shock they can have a rate. Up to 75 pounds. Another words it takes 75 pounds of pressure to push that shock. Dial not available but a lot of. Are like that. Where a. Hydraulic shock it takes almost nothing. So the hydraulic shock is adding nothing.

To the resistance. Of the. Body going up and down suspension working up now where gash shock is chances are you take off that gash shock. Stall hydraulic shock. Smooth that ride right out the purpose of the shock is controlled release of the energy of the spring. As a as a. Body of the car goes down the week causing this spring to curb the flak for every action there’s gotta be a reaction to win. Cars gotta come back up again. If so that action wasn’t controlled car would just sit there and bounce some. Down uncontrollably. It’s a one way we can tell we have bad. Okay and that’s when the problems against 2 you’ll find if you going over say.

Railroad tracks and. You have that feeling that the cars is bouncing all over the place if you got. A gash shock on there that could be what’s causing this venture doesn’t have a chance to do what it’s designed to do. That is deflect. On that imperfection in the road with the whole Congress following the contour instead of a lady reels following the contour axle found contour and the body steam pretty steady the whole thing has to react because. Too much strength. In the rear or front just. In whatever the case may be used because of the strength of the cash. On Want more information Shock Absorber go out Website