There are 4 groups of auto parts:

Original parts. For a large car plant, which is, in fact, only the installer of cars, the independent production of components, as a rule, does not make much sense. And so the development of a new model car factory orders details on the side.

Selecting auto parts

Parts of the plant suppliers. Manufacturers of original parts supply their products not only auto-concerns, but also in shops and unauthorized services. In this case, they are sold only with the issuing plant logo.

Spare parts from other manufacturers. These include auto parts from manufacturers that do not have agreements with car assemblers.

Auto parts of the packers. Most auto parts, issued by manufacturers from around the world, with a stamp sold in packaging other equally well-known companies.

It turns out that people who do not want to go into details of auto parts manufacturing, the best option is the purchase of original spare parts.